* 3 days FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM by professors of EFL-U (English and Foreign Languages University) for staff members of SREE DATTHA on September 24, 25, 26th 2012 .

* Workshop on LINUX By IIT Mumbai on September 26th.

* SDI in association with IIT Mumbai for REMOTE TRAINING & RESOURCE CENTER.

* Workshop on ETHICAL HACKING By IIT Mumbai & Wegilant on 21st & 22 nd September 2012.

* Visit to NFC by Mechanical 4th Year students on 14/09/2012.

* Visit to INFOSYS by IT Department 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students on 15/09/2012.

* commencement of Training & certification program by PURPLE LEAP for ECE 3rd year students on 17/09/2012.

* IIT Mumbai is in understanding with SREE DATTHA for conducting of workshop on "Free Open Source Softwares".

* Off campus Girls Hostel facility.

* Organized a Nation Level Technical Workshop SPARDHA in Feb-2007.

* Conducted a National level workshop on Testing Tools in Nov-2008.

* Organized a National Level Students Technical Fest NIRVACHAN-08 in Feb-2008.

* Organized IBM Meet in Jan-2009.

* Conducted Blood Donation Camp for Indian Red Cross Society.

*Organized a National Level Students Technical Fest WEIDZA-09a in Mar-2009.

* Organized a National Level Students Technical Fest AKRON-10 in Jan-2010.

* Organized a National Level Students Technical Fest AGOGOS-10 in Mar-2010

* Organizing a National Level Students Technical Fest SUDHAKSHA-2K12 on March 28,29th 2012

Sree Datta Institute of Pharmacy was established in the year 2005.

Now the institution grew substantially with five specializations in M. Pharmacy-- Pharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical management and regulatory affairs specialization. Another feature has been added to the cap this year called Pharm. D. t is a 6 year course with an intake of 30 students.

The college is established in a lush green area of 75000 sq ft. with highly developed infrastructure consisting of spacious classrooms, digital libraries, and R & D labs. The profession of Pharmacy is focused to the health and well being of the suffering community. This professional course has diverse scopes in the employment from Community Pharmacist to Research Scientist.

With more than 500 pharmaceutical companies manufacturing modern medicine with Industrial standards second to none, Hyderabad is considered as the Pharmacy hub of Asia. We have recognized the potentiality of pharma industry in this area and moulded our education system to provide career opportunities to the aspirants. We thrust education is a beacon of light in the voyage of life.