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Vice-Chairman : Sri Vibhav Reddy G.N.V B.Tech, M.Tech

The function of education is not just acquisition of technical knowledge or information but to develop that bent of mind, that attitude of reason that would make every individual a responsible citizen.We at SreeDattha Institutions since our inception in 2001, have been working relentlessly to achieve the same.We can proudly say that our institutions have transformed many adolescents into citizens who are technically equipped with the requisite skills to contribute constructively to the society and at the same time are also socially conscious of their responsibilities towards the society.

The Group aims at creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and R&D are given top priority in our institutions.Some of our initiatives are setting up the remote Resource and Research Centre for India’s premier educational institutions IISC-B (Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore) and IIT-K(Indian Institute Of Technology- Kharagpur). A R&D center for developing applications on the world’s cheapest Tablet- Aakash.These initiatives fired the imagination of students and unleashed their entrepreneurial and innovative spirits as a result of which students developed 12 innovative apps.

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