Sree Dattha has decent Canteen facility in the campus. It makes all edible items available to the students and faculty members. The environment in the canteen is clean and hygiene. The rates charged for various food items are checked and approved by the Canteen committee. Canteen is open on all working days from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Canteen Committee is responsible for monitoring the operations of the canteen, implementing and reviewing the canteen policy. Committee also needs to monitor on employing staff, attendance Register maintenance and wage register management, major purchases and food menu changes.

Canteen Committee Roles, Responsibility and advantages:

Workload of overseeing the canteen can be shared amongst team. It is a forum where different views and ideas from the organization can be considered without disrupting the day to day management of the canteen.

Committee Members:

Committee should ensure a healthy and safe work environment for the canteen staff. Committee cell will counsel and motivate the employees on various duties. Committee Cell plans, controls and evaluate the needs of the canteen for achieving long and short term goals. Cell also will take care control of wastage of food item.  Cell also looks after the work area, storage area and common areas free of trash.                                                                                  

No. Name of the Faculty Designation Position
1 Dr. Md. Sameeruddin Khan  Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Rahulji Dala Assistant Professor, Mech  Coordinator
3 Mr. Sunil Biradar Assistant Professor, Civil Member
4 Mr. Reddy Naik Assistant Professor, EEE Member
5 Mr. K. Naresh Assistant Professor, ECE Member
6 Mr. Arogya Reddy Assistant Professor, H & S Member
7 Mr. Sai Kiran Assistant Professor, MBA Member



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