Department of MBA

MBA PEO's , PO's & PSO's


  1. To impart adequate knowledge of management theories and concepts to enhance research and learning for continuous growth and development.
  2. To provide the learners with exposure to solve business situations using management tools, to analyze and create newer opportunities in industry.
  3. To achieve appropriate communication skills and higher levels of proficiency for successful career in Industry, Business and Entrepreneurship.
  4. To demonstrate the ability to maintain knowledge of emerging Technologies to address the critical needs of the seamless strategic business operations.



  1. Apply conceptual business foundation to solve practical decision-making problem, both individually and as part of teams using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments.
  2. Identify, formulate, review research literature and analyze complex management problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of management.
  3. Design solutions for management/entrepreneurial/economy problems and to develop a systematic understanding of globalization and its impact on people, business and the economy.
  4. An ability to demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues (diversity, social responsibility, innovation, knowledge management, etc.) In business and management which is informed by leading edged research and practice in the field.
  5. Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and to function effectively on multi-disciplinary teams (Team work).
  6. An ability to analyze a problem, analyzes a problem, formulate and use the appropriate managerial skills for obtaining its solution.
  7. Understand the impact of the professional business solutions on business environment, knowledge of contemporary issues (social awareness) and its need for sustainable development.
  8. Recognize and address ethical issues and moral values and apply them in organizational goal settings.
  9. An ability to know the professional, ethical, legal, financial, marketing, sales, logistical security and social issues and responsibilities (professional integrity).
  10. An ability to communicate effectively and able to comprehend the both in writing and orally (speaking/writing skills).
  11. Use information and knowledge effectively: scanning and organizing data, synthesizing and analyzing in order to abstract meaning from information, and to share knowledge.
  12. An ability to apply the current techniques, skill and tools necessary for managerial practice (practical managerial analysis skills).



  1. Identify the key issues facing a business subdivisions, utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to explore and solve critical business problems (Problems Solvers)
  2. Incorporate diversity and multicultural perspectives while making business decisions (Decision makers).
  3. The ability to employ modern system application programs, environments, and Platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher Studies (Risk takers).
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