Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

About EEE Department

The Department of EEE was Started with Full Zeal in the Year 2002 in B. Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) with an intake of 60 and increased to 120 in the year 2011. The department is also providing one Master’s Degree in Power Electronics with an intake of 18 and one Diploma program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60. Department is accredited by NBA, New Delhi in 2009 for three years.

The EEE Department is dedicated to delivering competent electrical engineers to the arena of the real world. They are outfitted with core technical knowledge as well as professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the future.

The Department has qualified, dedicated, experienced and trained faculty with deep sense of commitment towards the Students and Institution. The pure expertise and dedication of the faculty members along with infrastructural facilities coupled with perseverance of the students have catapulted the branch to the top league. The department is well equipped and state of the art laboratories for both UG & PG programs.

The department periodically organizes National/International Workshops, Seminars / Symposia and arranges guest lectures by external faculty for the benefit of the students and faculty as well. The department periodically conducts Technical Seminar/Quizzes, remedial classes for the slow learners and also Communication Skills development classes for the benefit of Students.  

Faculty members are actively involved in research and academic developmental / consultancy activities. The faculty takes keen interest in attending workshops / conferences to acquire the technical knowledge about the latest technical developments in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and published/presented Research papers in various reputed journals/conferences. The management has keen interest to promote quality education and provide financial assistance to faculty members for attending seminars / workshops etc. The Department conducts industrial tours/visits in every year and visits to various industries and power houses for students are arranged as part of their curriculum. The Department also encourages the staff members to pursue Ph. D programs to improve their academic qualifications.

The Department also handles inhouse projects to encourage the research abilities of the students to meet the outcomes of the program. The department also provides training programs for the students to meet the industry requirements.




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