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The Central library plays a key role in imparting education. It provides effective academic, curricular, research and business support the students and faculty requires. From the resources of the library and the online course-management services of LMS to network administration and digital compressed video services, it is committed to meeting the growing technology needs of the college.

Total Area of Library (in sq.m.): 680 sq.m

Total seating capacity for students (SCOE):150

Working Hours:

Working Days :- 9AM TO 6PM

Weekend :- 9AM TO 4PM


The Library is fully automated using Integrated Library Management Software (ILMS)




VERSION:- V2.2.4


KOHA is web–based, fully integrated, powerful and user-friendly software for computerization of all in-house operations of library. Major Modules are like, acquisition &cataloging, circulation, reference transactions, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and MIS Reports.


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Features of Library include huge collection of Print & Electronic Books:

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Total No of Titles: 6890

Total No of Volumes of Printed books: 35200

Total Titles of E-Books: 2000

Printed Journals: 149

E- Journals: 4000

The library provides facility for self study, research data collection & compilation. Thus the library serves as an important tool for teaching & learning process and academic enrichment of students.

Objectives of IQAC

Objectives of IQAC

Selection and Procurement of Current Titles:

Books requirement for various subjects is collected from subject teachers and Consolidated by respective heads of the department and the same is forwarded in the Prescribed format to the chief librarian. Library advisory committee with the Principal as its chairman will give its recommendations to manage the procurement of current titles, volumes, important Journals and other reading materials.

Purchase procedure:

  • The HODs are requested to place their indents to purchase the books/material in the Central Library for their department, the respective department library coordinators Will try to coordinate and ensure that the requirement is met in time.
  • Availability of the books/material is verified by the committee.
  • The Library Committee coordinates the requirement from various departments and Consolidates the purchases of the items for Central Library for the next academic year.
  • They will be brought to the notice of the Principal for approval.
  • The library gets all reading material well in advance the commencement of academic Year.

Collection of rare books, manuscripts, special reports or any other knowledge resource for library enrichment

Rare Books

Digital Library

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