Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Coordinator: Dr. S. A. Sreenivas

Members: 1. Dr. Shiv kumar Shete

     2. Dr. Pratap Kumar Patra

                  3. Dr. Y. Ganesh Kumar

Entrepreneurship Development Cell supports the following activities

  • It shall conduct awareness and development programs about entrepreneurship.
  • It will also conduct staff training programs for the industrial enterprises.  It will conduct growth-oriented programs for the first- and second-generation entrepreneurs.
  • It will provide support, services to entrepreneurs, and escort services to the first-generation entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct various seminars and workshops in the related fields of interest and need.
  • Look for the development of a strong database on all the industrial activities, government policies etc.
  • It shall have a strong network with the industries and supporting agencies.
  • It is expected to promote entrepreneurs in the thrust areas. It is gestated to conduct techno economic feasibility service.
  • It is anticipated to help to develop products and processes.


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