Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk


Prof. Dr. S. Venkateswarlu, M.E., PhD


Dear Prospective Students & Parents,

In the current context of rapid changes that is taking place in our country, all activities directed towards economic advancements are required to be addressed with highest priority. In this effort, it is also imperative to prepare social engineers, who could contribute to and manage the needs of the society with equanimity of mind and an attitude of selfless social service. Vyjayanthi Educational Society, our parent society with abundant experience in the field of education and social service has always been focusing its efforts at this very important activity of nation building.

In a short span of 16 years, Sree Dattha Institute of Engineering and Science has come a long way and has made its impact felt not only in the state, but also in the country. Our students have performed exceedingly well in national and globally competent multinational companies and also in the universities in India and abroad as they pursue their higher education.

Our college is committed to maintaining an academically rich and professionally competent environment by encouraging the enterprising skills of our students. Our faculty members do support and play a vital role in the overall development of our students and the institute.

Today, SDES is one of the most sought-after institute for fresh aspiring engineering students. We are sure that the superb infrastructure provided by SDES, a highly qualified faculty and a motivated group of students coupled with a vibrant ambience will continue to drive the growth of SDES as a great institution. We firmly believe that we shall be counted amongst the best at the global level in the years to come.

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