About Alumni


Our alumni network is robust, diverse and very well connected. The alumni are the face of the institute in the outer world and we can proudly say that our alumni have occupied top positions in MNC’s around the world. The alumni of our institutions are spread across multiple fields ranging from service sector industries to sports. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. It is necessary to maintain contact with the Alumni of the Institution. Alumni committee is formed to encourage the passed out students to actively participate and provide suggestions for overall development of the college and the alumni network.


No. Name Designation Position
1 Sri. G. Panduranga Reddy Chairman Chief patron
2 Mr. Shetty Mahesh Kumar President President
3 Mr. P. Rajashekar Reddy Vice-President Vice-President
4 Mr. Shabari Girinath General Secretary General Secretary
5 Mr. Vibhav Reddy Vice-Chairman Treasurer
6 Mr. Vasu Nagarjuna Reddy  Executive Council Member         Executive Council Member    
7 Ms. P.V. Lakshmi Lavanya            Executive Council Member Executive Council Member             
8 Mr. Narendar Pala Shankar Executive Council Member Executive Council Member
9 Mr. T. Chakradhar Babu Executive Council Member Executive Council Member
10 Mr. Abhinav Executive Council Member Executive Council Member
11 Mr. B. Namaswaroop Executive Council Member Executive Council Member
12 Dr. M. Sandeep Head of the Department (EEE) Member
13 Ms. Aparna Alumni Member
14 Mr. K. Kishore Alumni Member
15 Ms. Srivani Alumni Member
16 Mr. J. Ashok Alumni Member
17 Mr. Rajeev Alumni Member


Functions of Alumni Committee

  • To foster relations between the Alumni and the Institute and strengthen the bond between Alumni and current students.
  • The committee organizes various events such as Annual Alumni Meet, summer/ Winter City Meets to keep the alumni in constant touch with the institute and also help them in networking amongst themselves.
  • The committee also tracks and highlights the achievements and successes of alumni so as to provide impetus to the institute and its students. 
  • Alumni Committee publishes a annual newsletter, which contains articles, interviews, achievements of alumni. 
  • The committee acts as facilitator and provides administrative help to the alumni. 
  • The committee is also striving to set-up and maintain a dedicated website for alumni activities.
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