Course Outcomes

The Institute always have the vision of implementing Outcome based education.

The programme outcomes are framed systematically by keeping in view of shaping the student’s career in terms of developing various skills such as analytical, innovative, visualization, effective communication, ethics and moral development, etc.

The course outcomes are designed in alignment with programme outcomes to complete the academic programme successfully.

Importance of learning outcomes is communicated to the faculty members in IQAC Meetings and Department Meetings.

The faculty members of the institution truly understand the student’s centric approach of education that focuses on the intended learning outcomes.

Entry level students are educated on outcome-based education by giving brief introduction of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, Course Outcomes, Programme Outcomes and Programme Specific Outcomes.

The Curriculum and Learning Outcomes of Programmes & Courses are displayed in the Class Rooms, Laboratories, Institution and Department Notice Board, Website.

 Learning Outcomes of the Programs and Courses are observed and measured periodically.

During regular classes, faculty members will elaborate the course outcomes for every unit before the commencement. In addition to it, learning outcomes are also discussed for each topic.

In conduction of laboratories, programme outcomes and course outcomes of specific set of experiments are discussed.

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