Student Centric Methods

Lecture method with chalk and board, remains the primary method of teaching where direct interaction happens between teacher and students. Student centric methods are used for enhancing learning experiences. Some methods put in practice by the faculty are:

Inquiry based method: Students are encouraged to ask questions on subjects being taught. They are provided with appropriate tools and techniques to generate the data during laboratory practical work. As part of their research, they get opportunity to conduct investigations, and find solutions scientifically. As part of co-curricular activity, seminars on current topics and recent academic advancement are arranged.

Discovery based method: Student investigates on real time experimental setup to obtain research findings by interpreting the results with appropriate conclusion. All necessary resources and support are provided tolearners and faculty during practical investigations. Teamwork is enhanced while independence in learning is encouraged.

Problem based learning: The projects or problems selected are based on real-life scenarios, here the elements of teamwork, data collection, critical thinking is used by the students. This encourages self directed learning, prepares students to think critically and analytically, empowers students to identify,locate and use appropriate resources. College R&D Cell seek active cooperation for projects from industry.

Project based learning: Projects are part of academic requirement for the final year for students who work individually or collectively under their guide to gather and present their work at the term end. Prototype and Model competitions are held to boost student understanding of the subject.

Resource-based learning: College has a centralized library and digital library containing text books, magazines, Journals, e-books, reference books, multimedia computers, dissertations, videos, DVDs, online material like NPTEL lectures and Virtual Labs etc for all students. The Institute has a language lab and Wi- Fi hotspots in the campus.

Enquiry is supported through library software for electronic search. Library assignments are given by teachers to foster student’s autonomy in learning by using appropriate resources. The library is upgraded regularly and the library is open for access throughout the year.

  • Specific support strategies adopted in the learning process are: Assignments, Problem solving, Seminars, Powerpoint presentations
  • Tutorial lectures, Guest Lectures, Group discussions, Industry visits, conferences, workshops, visits to R&D laboratories
  • Soft-skill program, finishing school and departmental fests are conducted
  • Flipped classes are conducted for students by uploading study materials and videos on Learning Management System.
  • Models, charts, posters and diagrams are used to make learning interesting.
  • Eminent personalities, industrial experts, entrepreneurs are invited to share their success stories with the students.
  • As an initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through ICT, The Institution has a tie-up with IIT Bombay to use spoken tutorials, developed by them. This is about teaching and learning a particular FOSS.
  • Students publish articles in the institute magazine, present & publish papers in symposia.
  • Active learning strategies like think pair share, Minute paper, just in time assignments are practiced in the classrooms.
  • Faculty upload study material, classroom videos, assignments and conduct online tests using LMS to facilitate self-learning.
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