Department of Humanities

Curriculum Gaps and Content Delivery

After thorough analysis of the syllabus, the  gaps are identified by the respective subject faculty and meeting with subject experts & HOD is arranged for corrective actions to be taken to bridge the identified curriculum gaps. The decisions related to pre-requisites and content beyond syllabus are also taken during meetings.

Identified pre-requisites and content beyond syllabus are included in lesson plan of each course. Respective subject teacher or industry subject expert’s covers contents of pre-requisites & content beyond syllabus in classroom or in an experiential manner. Seminars, Expert talks and workshops are also conducted to fulfil gap requirements. The Department has initiated gap analysis and conduction of prerequisite lectures for the students. After every chapter of the syllabus, subject teacher collects feedback to verify the understanding of the particular chapter. 

Faculty conducts special sessions for the second year students to enhance the knowledge and employability skills. These value added sessions, activities, trainings, certification courses, industrial visits, labs, mini, major project developments, curricular & extracurricular activities helps in attaining particular POs of the program to a higher level. 

Following methods are used for the delivery of the contents beyond syllabus for the attainment of POs and PSOs of the courses for every program.

  • Class-room Teaching
  • Case studies
  • Guest Lectures/workshop/Seminar
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